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Saul Abraham

Most people get up in the morning, have a cup of coffee and go sit at a desk for eight hours. Saul Abraham takes the hardest materials on Earth and turns them into works of art. And we're not talking about three day old bagels here.

Specializing in fancy color diamonds, organic designs, one-of-a-kind creations and the type of engagement rings that only end in a 'yes,' Saul's jewelry is a flawless cut above the rest.

Born in India and raised in Israel, Saul's custom designed jewelry carries influences that are appreciated in every corner of the globe.

"I create pieces that start conversations and end in new customers." – Saul Abraham

It's very important to Saul that every single piece starts a dialogue, mostly because he doesn’t advertise. All of his work is based on word of mouth. And with over 30 years in the jewelry business, the word heard most often is "Wow!"

Give him a picture and in two weeks you'll own the kind of jewelry that makes other jewelry jealous. And that's just the usual time frame. Saul has created completely unique pieces in as little as three days, usually for someone who simply could not wait any longer to pop the question.

It is this speed of production and attention to every little detail that gives Saul the title of 'jeweler's jeweler.' He has been contracted numerous times by clients such as Barneys and Neiman Marcus to create pieces for their most elite customers. They know Saul will oversee every step of the creation process and trust him to keep these clients happy.

And when it comes to the overseeing of this process, 90% of the manufacturing is done within Simply Designs’ 1,500 sq foot premises, right in the heart of Dallas. As for the 10% that can’t be done personally by Simply Designs: it is still manufactured in Dallas, keeping the quality top notch and the timetables short.

When asked about his favorite pieces, Saul is hard-pressed to pick out one particular item, but has no problem pointing to his special "Shaul Line" of jewelry as the one in which he takes the most pride. Designated after his Hebrew name, Shaul (pronounced Sha-ool), this line of jewelry is specifically influenced by the Middle East, focusing on hand-hammered metals and stylishly incorporated stones.

Speaking of stones, every single diamond Saul uses is certified conflict-free and comes to his desk by way of Israel or New York. Because there shouldn’t be any reason not to enjoy the most unique pieces available today.

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